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TV UI/UX / Branding

I designed the high fidelity prototypes, the icons, the logotype and the graphic identity project in the scope of FCC (Fall Competecer Center) and that would be well understood by older people, rehabilitation patients and also caregivers. GUI Design for Unity 3D platform.

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS Project Description:

– Aims at developing interactive games for activity monitoring, focusing on physical rehabilitation and for fall prevention;

The whole solution is targeted not only for older people and rehabilitation patients (e.g. stroke victims) but also for formal/informal caregivers;

– All physical activity is tracked with the help of low-cost and commercially available motion sensors like Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion, Orbotix Sphero, Balance Board or even Smartphones/Smartwatches;

– All data can be helpful in the rehabilitation process but also for fall risk prediction and analysis, namely in elderly people.